As an elected official representing over 75,000 residents in Mid City West Los Angeles, I am working to create a city whose residents are more connected to its government.

Whether it is advocating on behalf of our minority populations on Mid City West’s Social and Racial Equity committee or fighting to demystify local government by chairing Mid City West’s Outreach and Civic Engagement committee, I am guided by my belief that our government should work FOR the people, not for personal or corporate interests.

Join my movement for a better Mid City LA.

Why I Ran For Office

I moved to Mid City West over a decade ago. I love our area for its walkability, its diversity, and its feeling of community – something I don’t take for granted in the middle of a metropolis. Before COVID, I could frequently be found biking to Friday night jazz concerts at LACMA, or walking to a bar on the Third Street Commerce Corridor to watch football while grabbing a meal (wings, fries, and a Guinness). I am an experienced and action oriented leader.  Some issues I’m passionate about:

  • Ensuring that our streets are safe for all; including pedestrians, bikers, and e-scooters
  • Creating an easy and actionable plan to make our community more environmentally friendly
  • Raising public awareness about city resources to make their distribution more equitable
  • Diversifying city leadership by making the elections process more transparent 
  • Opening clear lines of communication between residents and city leaders – especially when related to district specific issues like the metro and LACMA construction

To start learning how I am working to take action on these things, see some of my blog posts. And don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list so you can be alerted as I post new thoughts and action plans throughout my term.

Of course, in addition to pushing on the issues that I am passionate about, I consistently push myself to learn about and advocate for the big and small issues my constituents care about. I have a phone line dedicated to council work and can always be reached directly via email.

Policy and Ideas

On The Issues