A Greener Mid City West

Saving the planet starts at home. As a community, there are so many things we can do to work towards living more sustainably. Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Lobby the city to add one public recycling bin for each public trashcan in our neighborhood.
  • Work to get rid of styrofoam packaging at our local restaurants. This could make a considerable difference, especially with the uptick of to-go orders happening during COVID. The first step would be lobbying the city to take action in regards to a styrofoam ban. Additionally, neighborhood council could create grants for local businesses to help cover the cost of transitioning from styrofoam containers to more environmentally safe alternatives.
  • Coordinate with companies like Bird and Lime to make sure we have easy access to and fair pricing on electric scooters and bikes.
  • For neighborhood residents, create low or no cost access to The Carbonauts, an LA based 6 week online course that helps people slash their carbon footprint.
  • Provide literature, online videos, and (when safe) in person informational events about the recycling process. I consider myself pretty well versed when it comes to recycling. I even briefly dated a recycling professional. That said, I still sometimes get confused about what can and cannot go in my blue bin. Learning how to better recycle at home is an easy thing to do that can create a big impact.
  • Push city council to redesign its budget to make no cost public transportation a priority.

2 thoughts on “A Greener Mid City West

  1. When new large scale structures go up they need to provide a green space for the neighborhood like Curson and Wiltshire projects.

    1. Hannah, I quite agree. This is the kind of thing the neighborhood council should always advocate for in its role of working with the city on land use.

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