Safe Streets For All

There are a great number of pedestrian, bicyclist, and scooter rider accidents that take place annually within our district. And survey after survey shows that a number of environmentally friendly short walks, bike rides, and scooter rides end up becoming car trips because of people’s concerns about safety.

If elected to neighborhood council I will work with existing leadership and local organizations like Streets For All to push for streets and sidewalks to be reconfigured to make non-car methods of transportation safer and more appealing. I will put pressure on city council to improve our curbs and to build dedicated bike and bus lanes.

I will also work to get the city’s existing “Slow Streets” program implemented into more neighborhoods. For more information about the Slow Streets program, and what it all means, visit the city’s website:

2 thoughts on “Safe Streets For All

    1. I LOVE this idea. It would be great to get our community organized so we can lobby City Council (who has the ultimate authority over this decision).

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