Equitable Distribution Of City Resources

The city of Los Angeles gives millions of dollars in funding each year to programs that are intended to equally serve city residents. Unfortunately, a lack of transparency about how to engage with these programs means that frequently the general population doesn’t benefit from these funds and instead the benefits go to a small group of ‘insiders’ who know how to work the system.

These resources range in scope and include things like in-home aid for seniors, after school programs for youth, meal support for our city’s hungry, and COVID related health care including free testing and up to date vaccination options.

As a neighborhood council member I plan to work with other councils to build a comprehensive website that demystifies the resources that are available to LA residents. I also plan to be proactive about reaching out to zone 5 residents via email, neighborhood walks, events (when safe), and office hours. The active outreach will be especially important in regards to helping our neighbors who live on the streets link up with programs that can best serve their needs, including providing many of them with shelter and healthcare.

On top of the website and one off emails, regular emails to residents who opt-in to my mailing list will contain links to lesser known resources and invitations to online informational events hosted by city officials.

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